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Yard icon.png
Mid Yard
Type Land
Started 2020/03/06
Parent Yard
About Middle yard, fenced for deer


  • Garden bed icon.png Cherry Wake - Small area along fence where a cherry tree did not make it.
  • Yard icon.png Southern Fence - Anything running along southern split rail fence within the deer-net perimeter.
  • Garden icon.png Patio Wall - 20' x 3' bed on top dry stacked butler stone.
  • Default node.png The Ruins - Trellised hog house and surrounding area
  • Default node.png Fruit Square - Logical grouping of fruit trees and surrounding plants east of the garage and west of the coop.
  • Default node.png Hog Hutch - Previous owner kept his hog here.
  • Garden icon.png Orchard Square - Fenced in area around some existing trees the deer had been feasting on. Hopefully salvage the fruit trees and plant up the in between areas.
  • Berm icon.png Ht Berm - Berm from grading hightunnel left to the south side of the structure.
  • Garden icon.png Timber Garden - Several beds in the middle of the property, east of Wusteria.
  • Pond.png Toady Pond - Constructed to control and capture High tunnel rain runoff. Since construction the pond has attracted some donations, guests and rescues.

Activity Log

  • 03-18 - Pic 20200319012109.jpeg : Comment.png
  • 03-18 - Pic 20200319012218.jpeg : Comment.png


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