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Ethereal Farms
Type Farm
Started 2008/04/15
Total Tracking 335 plants. And 14 critters.

We are using this website track plants and critters growing on the property. Experiments, growing systems and other points are interest are grouped as "Nodes" and tracked here within. We also try to list some good vegetarian recipes.


  • Beehive icon.png Apiary - Adventures in amateur beekeeping.
  • Coop icon.png Hen House - The hen house is home to some distinguished ladies.
  • Hightunnel icon.png High Tunnel - A 26' wide by 24' gothic arch hightunnel.
  • Shiitake icon.png Mushrooms - Place to capture experience with wild and cultivated edible mushrooms.

Due to low labor investment and potential long term yields we are interested in Wood Mushroom Species

  • Garden icon.png Orchard Square - Fenced in area around some existing trees the deer had been feasting on. Hopefully salvage the fruit trees and plant up the in between areas.
  • Garden icon.png Timber Garden - Several beds in the middle of the property, east of Wusteria.
  • Farm.png Trips to Other Farms - Road trips to visit farm sites. We are trying to visit farms on the east coast, USA. Also intended to capture any plants obtained on visits and our luck and experience growing them.
  • Yard icon.png Yard - Top level container for plants on the property. Some more plants are tracked in geographic or themed sub-nodes.

Event Log


Harvest 0.6 Lbs Squash yellow.png Zucchini


Harvest 1.3 Lbs Squash yellow.png Zucchini


Harvest 0.4 Lbs Default node.png Patty pan squash
Harvest 0.5 Lbs Default node.png Hansel Eggplant
Harvest 0.2 Lbs Eggplant icon.png Little Fingers Eggplant


Harvest 0.5 Lbs Squash yellow.png Zucchini


Harvest 0.2 Lbs Default node.png Hansel Eggplant


Harvest 1.2 Lbs Beet.png Crosby Egyptian Beet


Comment.png High Tunnel: Deer invades. Eats some strawberry, chard, beat greens, peas.


Harvest 0.3 Lbs Lions mane icon.png Lion's Mane
Harvest 0.5 Lbs Default node.png Baby Bok Choi


Harvest 1.5 Lbs Chard.png Fordhook Swiss Chard


Plus icon.png Default node.png Reblooming Lilac Clone (x6) Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3)
Plus icon.png Gooseberry icon.png Gooseberry Clone (x16) AP-4 Aquabundance
Plus icon.png Blueberry icon.png Highbush Blueberry Clone (x7) AP-4 Aquabundance


Harvest 1.3 Lbs Chard.png Fordhook Swiss Chard


Harvest 1.5 Lbs Chard.png Fordhook Swiss Chard


Maintenance icon.png High Tunnel: Add shade cloth


Plus icon.png Currant icon.gif Black Currant Clone (x10)
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Harvest 0.9 Lbs Blue oyster icon.png Golden Oyster
Older Stuff

Some Pics