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Yard icon.png
Type Land
Started 2007/04/20
Parent Ethereal Farms

Top level container for plants on the property. Some more plants are tracked in geographic or themed sub-nodes.


  • Home icon.png Barn Patio - Covered wood patio sturdily constructed from 12" timbers
  • Home icon.png Bee Shed - 12' storage shed for storing bee equipment, tarps and other junk. Purchased from twin locust barns.
  • Garden bed icon.png Cherry Wake - Small area along fence where a cherry tree did not make it.
  • Default node.png Dimeo Blueberries - Group to keep track of 13 3 gallon blueberry bushes planted around the yard in 2016. For each planting we excavated 2' holes and filled with equal parts construction sand, peat moss and existing soil.
  • Yard icon.png Driveway Drop Zone - What could be a parking space at the end of the driveway but instead hosts material drop off getting processed.
  • Yard icon.png Front Yard - Curb appeal to deer passing by on Manor Rd.
  • Default node.png Fruit Square - Logical grouping of fruit trees and surrounding plants east of the garage and west of the coop.
  • Default node.png Hog Hutch - Previous owner kept his hog here.
  • Berm icon.png Ht Berm - Berm from grading hightunnel left to the south side of the structure.
  • Garden icon.png Patio Wall - 20' x 3' bed on top dry stacked butler stone.
  • Garden icon.png Paw Paw Garden - 5' x 15' of grass tilled under to host paw paws in the front yard.
  • Yard icon.png South of Garage - Things along the fence and pathway at the south garage entrance.
  • Default node.png The Ruins - Trellised hog house and surrounding area
  • Pond.png Toady Pond - Constructed to control and capture High tunnel rain runoff. Since construction the pond has attracted some donations, guests and rescues.

Activity Log


Plus icon.png Land (South House) to


Plus icon.png Building (Barn Patio) to


Plus icon.png Land (South of Garage) to


Plus icon.png Garden Bed (Cherry Wake) to


Plus icon.png Bush icon.png Silverberry transplant (x5)


Comment.png : Praying Mantis Pod Mantis pod.jpg


Plus icon.png Land (Front Yard) to
Plus icon.png Land (Driveway Drop Zone) to


Plus icon.png Shrub icon.png Hot Lip Salvia transplant (x1)


Plus icon.png Garden (White Oak Garden) to... further results


Default node.pngThunderhead Pine (x1) (3 years)

Tree.pngZelkova (x1) (2 years)

Kiwi icon.pngFlowercloud Hardy Kiwi (x1) (3 years)

Default node.pngRed Dawn Cornelian Cherry (x1) (4 years)

Default node.pngIssai Hardy Kiwi (x1) (4 years)

Default node.pngAnna Hardy Kiwi (x1) (4 years)

Yellowtwig icon.pngYellow Twig Dogwood (x1) (3 years)

Cranberry icon.pngPilgrim Cranberry (x1) (4 years)

Redbud icon.pngEastern Redbud (x1) (7 years)

Confrey icon.pngConfrey (x3) (1 years)

Blackberry icon.pngBlack Diamond Blackberry (x1) (4 years)

Default node.pngAronia (x1) (3 years)

Shrub icon.pngHot Lip Salvia (x1) (327 days)

Default node.pngMt. Ashe (x1) (1 years)

Default node.pngBlue Moon Honeyberry (x1) (6 years)

Default node.pngPersimmon (x1) (5 years)

Default node.pngPlum (x1) (5 years)

Bush icon.pngSilverberry (x5) (184 days)

Default node.pngPinto Peach (x1) (5 years)

Default node.pngAmerican Chessnut (x1) (3 years)

Elderberry icon.pngBlue Elderberry (x1) (3 years)

Default node.pngBlack Locust (x1) (3 years)

Default node.pngHoney Locust (x1) (3 years)

Default node.pngSourwood (x1) (1 years)

Gooseberry icon.pngGooseberry (x1) (2 years)

Default node.pngHinoki Cypress (x1) (3 years)

Currant icon.gifBlack Currant (x1) (4 years)

Shrub icon.pngCherry Laurel (x3) (6 years)

Kiwi icon.pngKen's Red Hardy Kiwi (x1) (4 years)

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