Timber Garden

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Timber garden 7 7.JPG
Timber Garden
Type Garden
Started 2015/08/01
Parent Ethereal Farms
About Several beds in the middle of the property, east of Wusteria.


  • Garden icon.png Ash Timber South - Largest and southernmost rectangular bed constructed from ash 5x5's.

Activity Log


Plus icon.png Garden Bed (North Path Beds) to


Plus icon.png Strofaria icon.png King Stropharia (x5 lb) on Wood Chips


Plus icon.png Raised Bed (Ash Timber South) to
Plus icon.png Raised Bed (Ash Timber North) to
Plus icon.png Raised Bed (Ash Timber Center) to
Comment.png : Revisited this space adding raised beds cut from downed ash tree.
Plus icon.png Raised Bed (Ashe Round EW Bed) to


Comment.png : Deer fencing was a failure this year. I believe dear could force their way under the fencing without any low structure spanning the 8" timber rounds.


Plus icon.png Tomato.png Black Truffle Tomato (x1)


Plus icon.png Bannana pepper icon.png Bannana Pepper transplant (x1)... further results


Strofaria icon.pngKing Stropharia (x1) (2 years)

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