Mushroom Hunts

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Spotted a shroom2.JPG
Mushroom Hunts
Type Mushroom Foraging
Started 2016/07/07
Parent Mushroom Enterprise

Notes and ID attempts on mushrooms found.


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Activity Log


Comment.png : found along little gunpowder river, MD Gunpowder chanterelle.jpg
Harvest 0.25 Lbs Default node.png Chanterelle


Comment.png : Back on the trail after 3 rainy days. Two solo morel finds. 20170426 140156.jpg


Comment.png : Two white / gray morels near a poplar tree with a third popping up. That is a baby's finger for size comparison, they are small. Morel find.jpg


Comment.png : orange guy near recent fire Little orange mushroom 7 7.JPG
Comment.png : Lots of white creeping mushroom on ground near recent burn. Unid fungus cluster.JPG
Comment.png : A rather violet mushroom Vilot mushroom 7 7.JPG
Comment.png : A red boletus, we think. Red boletus 7 7.JPG

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