Mushroom Hunts

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Mushroom Hunts
Type Mushroom Foraging
Started 2016/07/07
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
About Notes and ID attempts on mushrooms found.


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Activity Log


Pic icon.png : Maitake, aka Hen of Woods! Two clusters found on two different oak trees off of Jesse’s Trail in Gunpowder Falls State Park Pic 20181004015821.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Excellent chicken of the woods specimen found off Old Bosley Road. Pic 20180906013835.jpeg
Pic icon.png : Possible pale chicken of the woods? Found off Ivy Hill Road. Pic 20180906014214.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Unidentified specimen found at Rock State Park near chanterelles. Pic 20180819011747.jpeg
Harvest 0.6 Lbs Default node.png Chanterelle
Pic icon.png : Chanterelles found at Rocks State Park. Pic 20180819010919.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Chanterelles and black trumpets found just off Ivy Hill Road . Pic 20180819011142.jpeg
Harvest 0.8 Lbs Default node.png Chanterelle


Pic icon.png : Chanterelles and white oysters found along the Little Gunpowder. Pic 20180811202858.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Small chicken of the woods specimen found on a fallen log just off the trail in Loch Raven Pic 20180802143246.jpeg... further results

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