Big Blue Tank

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Media buckets.jpg
Big Blue Tank
Type Aquaponics
Started 2016/06/11
Parent AP-3
About 500 gallon stock tank.


  • Default node.png Seed Starting Mist Box (x13) - 1/2" water inlet from tank mists into a rubermaid tank. 13 net pot cutouts in the top filled with hydroshale to wick water to starting seeds.
  • Default node.png Tomato Buckets - 6 buckets. 5 gallon buckets with 1/4" water inlet and 1" bulkhead returning to tank.

Activity Log


Comment.png : Fish appreciate shade cast by tower, floating media bed and buckets. 201606 bluetank.jpg


Plus icon.png Hyacinth icon.png Water Hyacinth transplant (x1)


Plus icon.png Seed Starter (Seed Starting Mist Box (x13)) to


Plus icon.png Goldfish.png Goldfish
Plus icon.png Dutch Bucket (Tomato Buckets) to


Comment.png : Mosquito Larva squirming everywhere. Adding some goldfish to fight the problem.


Goldfish.pngGoldfish (x1) (3 years)

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