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Shiitake icon.png
Type Mushrooms
Started 2013/09/20
Parent Ethereal Farms

Place to capture experience with wild and cultivated edible mushrooms. Due to low labor investment and potential long term yields we are interested in Wood Mushroom Species


  • Default node.png Ash Logs - About 3 tons fresh cut ash trunks
  • Default node.png Mushroom Fridge - Outside refrigerator, convenient for storing mushroom spawn.
  • Default node.png Oak Logs - 6 3-4" diameter oak logs. Freshly cut from local tree. Will be ready to inoculate ~4/1
  • Default node.png Poplar Logs - Fresh cut rounds from poplar tree. Will make for two nice sized totems.
  • Default node.png Sassafras Logs - About 8 x 8" round x 3' logs picked up from manor tree service.

Activity Log


Pic icon.png : Pic 20171103020531.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Pic 20171026163806.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Pic 20171027171308.jpeg


Pic icon.png : Go totemyield sept2017.jpg


Pic icon.png : Oyster totem bloom.jpg
Comment.png : 0717oyster harvest.jpg
Pic icon.png : Yellow oyster topview.jpg


Comment.png : Moving totems outside under maple tree 20170516 204153.jpg


Plus icon.png Morel icon.png Morel (x2) Slurry on Earth


Plus icon.png Blue oyster icon.png Kira Oyster Mushroom (x4) Sawdust Spawn on Poplar Logs... further results


Blue oyster icon.pngBrown Oyster (x1 log) (344 days)

Blue oyster icon.pngElm Oyster (x25 plugs) (1 years)

Strofaria icon.pngKing Stropharia (x½ bag) (2 years)

Strofaria icon.pngKing Stropharia (x1) (2 years)

Shiitake icon.pngBellwether Shiitake (x1) (334 days)

Blue oyster icon.pngKira Oyster Mushroom (x1) (273 days)

Morel icon.pngMorel (x1) (271 days)

Blue oyster icon.pngKira Oyster Mushroom (x1) (273 days)

Shiitake icon.pngShiitake (x1) (329 days)

Blue oyster icon.pngGolden Oyster (x1) (288 days)

Shiitake icon.pngDouble Jewel Shiitake (x1) (287 days)

Shiitake icon.pngDouble Jewel Shiitake (x1) (285 days)

Blue oyster icon.pngGolden Oyster (x1) (287 days)

Strofaria icon.pngKing Stropharia (x1) (274 days)

Shiitake icon.pngNC Wild Shiitake (x25 plugs) (1 years)

Shiitake icon.pngNC Wild Shiitake (x2 logs) (344 days)

Shiitake icon.pngShiitake (x8) (2 years)

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