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Blue oyster icon.png
Type Italian Oyster Mushroom
Quantity 5 lb mico bag (x2)
Started 2019/10/19
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
Media Straw
Start Note
  • Steamed in [55 gal pasteurizer] for 4 hours
  • Outside airtemp 60 degrees at start of steaming
  • Max temperature reached during pasteurization attempt in barrel was 131.
  • Sensor was place in center of spawn bag.
  • System took 1 hr plus to get 120 degrees.
  • Refilling wall paper steamer reservoir were followed by temperature fall offs with slow recovery.
  • May have allowed steamer reservoir levels fall to low
Media Source n/a
Spawn Source Field And Forest
Tek ran through chipper, soaked in rainwater 20 mins, heated in 55 gal barrel then transferred into mico bag after cooling.



  • Started Italian Oyster Mushroom

  • 11-11 - Pic 20191112031850.jpeg Mushrooms: Pinning noted on 1/2 bags. Top of bags cut off and bags placed in basement fruiting chamber. Pic icon.png