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Blue oyster icon.png
Type Italian Oyster Mushroom
Quantity 3 quart jars
Started 2019/10/18
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
Media White millet
Start Note In 3 quart jars, added millet to 350 ml mark. Then added 150 ml water (measured separately in Pyrex measuring cup). Topped with polyfill-stuffed metal lids and foil. Pressure cooked at 15 psi for 90 minutes. Shaken multiple times during cooling process. Note that millet appears very similar to pre-cooked millet which was pressure cooked at the same time — somewhat wet, but grains not clumped or glued together and freely moving around. Handful of spawn added, jars shaken to distribute, and placed in basement.
Media Source Wild Bird Center
Spawn Source Field and Forest



  • Started Italian Oyster Mushroom