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Blue oyster icon.png
Type Italian Oyster Mushroom
Quantity 4 quart jars
Started 2019/10/18
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
Media White Millet
Start Note Brought water to boil in large pot. Added about 3 lbs millet, put on lid and turned off heat. After seeing a few burst grains (approx 17 minutes), poured millet into grain bag and hung up to drain, approximately 20 minutes. Then spread out as flat as possible and let dry another 20 minutes. To 4 quart mason jars, added 1/4 inch vermiculite, then the millet (came up to approximately the 600 ml mark). Used metal lid with hole punched in center and stuffed with polyfill, then covered with foil. Pressure cooked at 15 psi for 90 minutes. Shaken multiple times throughout cooling process. Noted that grains appear somewhat wet, but are not clumped together and are able to move freely about. Added a handful of spawn and shaken to distribute. Placed in basement.
Media Source Wild Bird Center
Spawn Source Field and Forest



  • Started Italian Oyster Mushroom