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Blue oyster icon.png
Type Italian Oyster Mushroom
Quantity 2 quart jars
Started 2019/10/06
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
Media Wild bird seed
Start Note Wild bird seed prepared using no soak/no simmer method. Seed submerged in water, floating seeds removed, seeds rinsed under hot water and drained for 20 minutes. 400 ml seed added to each quart jar, then water added to the 600 ml line. Lids with hole punched and stuffed with polyfill, then covered with foil. Pressure cooked for 90 min at 15 psi. Note that resultant substrate was very gluey/gummy, and stuck together as one large clump. Sterilized a knife with alcohol and used it stir and separate grains, then added spawn. Gumminess likely due to corn that was part of the bird seed mix.
Media Source Green Valley Market
Spawn Source Field and Forest



  • Started Italian Oyster Mushroom

  • 10-29 - Pic 20191030034501.jpeg Mushrooms: Pinning noted on sides of 1 jar! Lid removed. Pic icon.png
  • 10-17 - Pic 20191018015446.jpeg Mushrooms: Day #11. Jars almost fully colonized. No signs of contamination. Pic icon.png