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Blue oyster icon.png
Type Italian Oyster Mushroom
Quantity 1
Started 2019/10/04
Parent Mushroom Enterprise
Media mix sawdust and straw
Start Note First test of steam cleaner drum pasteurizer. Ran for about 5 hours or 2 tanks of the wallpaper steamers reservoir. Spawn and substrate layered in filtered bag after letting system cool down to room temp.



  • Started Italian Oyster Mushroom

  • 11-15 - Harvest 0.6 Lbs Blue oyster icon.png Italian Oyster Mushroom
  • 11-12 - Pic 20191114053037.jpeg Mushrooms: Second fruiting beginning Pic icon.png
  • 11-06 - Pic 20191107043631.jpeg Harvest 1 Lbs Blue oyster icon.png Italian Oyster Mushroom
  • 11-03 - Pic 20191103170407.jpeg Mushrooms: Pinning now noted across entire top of substrate!! Top of bag cut off and moved into newly constructed fruiting chamber. Pic icon.png
  • 10-17 - Pic 20191018015414.jpeg Mushrooms: heavy colinization on top, veins throughout. some brown liquid accumulating at bottom Comment.png