Center Garden

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Raised bed.png
Center Garden
Type Raised Garden
Started 2015/01/01
Parent High Tunnel


No sub nodes

Activity Log


Comment.png : At least doubled in size so far. Needs to get going a little bit to compete for light. 201606 hot pepper.jpg


Plus icon.png Hot pepper icon.png Mystery Pepper (x1)


Plus icon.png Red pepper icon.png Orange Blaze Pepper (x1)
Plus icon.png Eggplant icon.png Ichiban Eggplant (x1)
Plus icon.png Eggplant icon.png Fairytale Eggplant (x1)
Plus icon.png Red pepper icon.png Orange Lunchbox Pepper (x1)
Plus icon.png Pepper.png California Wonder Pepper (x1)


Plus icon.png Lavender icon.png Lavender transplant (x1)


Plus icon.png Beet.png Beet seed (x12)


Maintenance icon.png : Added 50lb compost... further results


Yellow onion icon.pngYellow Onion (x15) (2 years)

Default node.pngCorrenta Hybrid Spinach (x0.5 pack) (326 days)

Beet.pngBeet (x12) (191 days)

Lavender icon.pngLavender (x1) (178 days)

Eggplant icon.pngIchiban Eggplant (x1) (165 days)

Eggplant icon.pngFairytale Eggplant (x1) (165 days)

Red pepper icon.pngOrange Lunchbox Pepper (x1) (165 days)

Pepper.pngCalifornia Wonder Pepper (x1) (165 days)

Red pepper icon.pngOrange Blaze Pepper (x1) (165 days)

Hot pepper icon.pngMystery Pepper (x1) (116 days)

Tomato.pngCherry Tomato (x1) (1 years)

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