High Tunnel

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Hightunnel prev.png
High Tunnel
Type Poly Greenhouse
Started 2013/09/20
Parent Ethereal Farms

A 26' wide by 24' gothic arch hightunnel.


  • Goldfish.png AP-4 Aquabundance - This is a commercially purchased system from AP Source. The system we purchased had two media beds, two steel frames and one fish tank. We have modified the basic kit some.
  • Goldfish.png Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3) - A DIY constant flow, constant drain aquaponics system. The system is comprised of two hyrdroshale media beds, two 55 gallon media buckets, 2 reservoirs and a sump.
  • Raised bed.png L Raised Bed - After growing plants in the ground the first season, we added 4x4 cedar wall spaced ~3' from the southern roll up wall and east wall. We hope to amend and build soil height through the seasons.

Activity Log


Plus icon.png Default node.png Lancinato Kale (x6)


Pic icon.png : Irrigation system is down. Sparce planting in the center bed with some tomatoes started on zip trellis. 201606 htcenter.jpg


Comment.png : Overnight cold finally got to all the nightshades. Good run.


Comment.png : Wood door fell to bits today. Need to source a second hand 36" x 79" door that can take some weathering.


Comment.png : starting some stuff in beds Ht plantnotes 20160415.png


Plus icon.png Raised Garden (L Raised Bed) to


Plus icon.png Aquaponics (AP-4 Aquabundance) to


Plus icon.png Raised Garden (Center Garden) to


Comment.png : Hightunnel kit delivered from ledgewood farms Hightunnel delivery.jpg


Plus icon.png Aquaponics (Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3)) to


Default node.pngLancinato Kale (x6) (4 days)

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