High Tunnel

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Hightunnel prev.png
High Tunnel
Type Poly Greenhouse
Started 2013/09/20
Parent Ethereal Farms
About A 26' wide by 24' gothic arch hightunnel.


  • Goldfish.png AP-4 Aquabundance - This is a commercially purchased system from AP Source. The system we purchased had two media beds, two steel frames and one fish tank. We have modified the basic kit some.
  • Goldfish.png Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3) - A DIY constant flow, constant drain aquaponics system. The system is comprised of two hyrdroshale media beds, two 55 gallon media buckets, 2 reservoirs and a sump.
  • Raised bed.png L Raised Bed - After growing plants in the ground the first season, we added 4x4 cedar wall spaced ~3' from the southern roll up wall and east wall. We hope to amend and build soil height through the seasons.

Activity Log


Comment.png : Deer invades. Eats some strawberry, chard, beat greens, peas.


Maintenance icon.png : Add shade cloth


Maintenance icon.png : Removed shade cloth.


Plus icon.png Default node.png Lancinato Kale (x6)


Pic icon.png : Irrigation system is down. Sparce planting in the center bed with some tomatoes started on zip trellis. 201606 htcenter.jpg


Comment.png : Overnight cold finally got to all the nightshades. Good run.


Comment.png : Wood door fell to bits today. Need to source a second hand 36" x 79" door that can take some weathering.


Comment.png : starting some stuff in beds Ht plantnotes 20160415.png


Plus icon.png Raised Garden (L Raised Bed) to


Plus icon.png Aquaponics (AP-4 Aquabundance) to... further results


Default node.pngLancinato Kale (x6) (1 years)

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