Hen House

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Hen house prev.png
Hen House
Type Coop
Started 2010/04/01
Parent Ethereal Farms

The hen house is home to some distinguished ladies.


  • Goldfish.png Chicken CooPonics - Under Construction. This is a concept to create a seasonal aquaponics system within the chicken run. This project will reclaim the stock tank and wood from taking AP-1 system down.

Activity Log


Harvest 1 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 2 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 2 x Egg.png Egg


Comment.png : Ruby looked lethargic today. She was moving slow and just standing around. Doing some awkward neck stretching as well. On suspicion of a crop impaction we tilted her upside down. A sea of dark but odorless gushed out her beak while we massaged her gullet for a bit. Will monitor her zestfulness.


Harvest 2 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 1 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 2 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 1 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 5 x Egg.png Egg


Harvest 7 x Egg.png Egg... further results

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Harvest Tracker

Egg production


Log Eggs

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Green Roof Project

Problem The metal corrugated roof over the hen house has zinc and is leaky. We have been advised to hold off on reclaiming runoff from the roof for the chickens Reaction Let's build a green roof Solution

Ideal chicken Temp: 68 - 75 degrees Ideal Relative Humidity: 60-80% [1]