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Aquaponics Nodes


Ap1 prev.jpg

The first system we constructed. The media bed is based upon a 12" deep 4'x8' 300 gallon reservoir. 500 GPH pump to wood & pond liner media bed filled with Hydroton.

(Location: AP Greenhouse)


Ap2 construction.jpg

Post Mortem. This was an IBC tote system. Additional wood and pond liner sump and media bed. ~12 cu foot Media beds (Hydroton and Expanded Shale Mix) *1/4 cut of IBC tote and . The system did ok in operation but never thrived. I think failure is from heat build up from shallow roof / lack of circulation as well as insufficient pump (degrading over time) and media beds.

(Location: AP Greenhouse)

AP-4 Aquabundance


This is a commercially purchased system from AP Source. The system we purchased had two media beds, two steel frames and one fish tank. We have modified the basic kit some.

(Location: High Tunnel)

Basement Aquaponics Build

Pic 20180202034944.jpeg

(In Work)


  1. 55 Gallon Drum - Top Cut off
  2. 55 Gallon Drum
  3. Home depot mixing tray

1.5" Black Flexible PVC Pipe 5"

(Location: N/71)

Big Blue Tank

Media buckets.jpg

500 gallon stock tank.

(Location: AP-3)

Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3)

Ap 3 prev.png

A DIY constant flow, constant drain aquaponics system. The system is comprised of two hyrdroshale media beds, two 55 gallon media buckets, 2 reservoirs and a sump.

(Location: High Tunnel)

Chicken CooPonics

20160812 131327.jpg

Under Construction. This is a concept to create a seasonal aquaponics system within the chicken run. This project will reclaim the stock tank and wood from taking AP-1 system down.

(Location: Hen House)

Aquaponics Resources