Aquaponics Greenhouse

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Aquaponics Greenhouse
Type Greenhouse
Started 2007/04/21
Parent Ethereal Farms
About Brick seed starting lean converted to aquaponics greenhouse.


  • Goldfish.png AP-1 - The first system we constructed. The media bed is based upon a 12" deep 4'x8' 300 gallon reservoir. 500 GPH pump to wood & pond liner media bed filled with Hydroton.
  • Goldfish.png AP-2 - Post Mortem. This was an IBC tote system. Additional wood and pond liner sump and media bed. ~12 cu foot Media beds (Hydroton and Expanded Shale Mix) *1/4 cut of IBC tote and . The system did ok in operation but never thrived. I think failure is from heat build up from shallow roof / lack of circulation as well as insufficient pump (degrading over time) and media beds.

Activity Log


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