Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3)

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Cedar Hightunnel Aquponics (AP-3)
Type Aquaponics
Started 2010/04/20
Parent High Tunnel

A DIY constant flow, constant drain aquaponics system. The system is comprised of two hyrdroshale media beds, two 55 gallon media buckets, 2 reservoirs and a sump.


  • Default node.png 50 gal media bed - Inlet from strawberry tower. Filled with hydroton and hydroshale media. Constant height with 1" stand pipe.

Activity Log


Plus icon.png Default node.png Euphorbia Clone (x1)
Plus icon.png Default node.png Goldenrod Clone (x7)
Plus icon.png Default node.png Magenta Salvia Clone (x7)
Plus icon.png Default node.png White Salvia Clone (x7)
Plus icon.png Default node.png Russian Sage Clone (x5)
Plus icon.png Default node.png Hidcote Lavender Clone (x20)


Comment.png : Asile between media beds. Celery out of control. 201606 cedar ap.jpg
Comment.png : Fig clippings a few hours after transplant. 201606 fig transplant.jpg
Comment.png : Some gooseberry stem cuttings 201606 gooseberry.jpg


Plus icon.png Fig icon.png Chicago Fig transplant (x3)... further results


Goldfish.pngShebunkin (x1) (2 years)

Goldfish.pngGoldfish (x1) (2 years)

Basil icon.pngBasil (x1) (1 years)

Currant icon.gifBlack Currant (x3) (2 years)

Elderberry icon.pngBlue Elderberry (x3) (205 days)

Blueberry icon.pngBlueberry (x5) (143 days)

Fig icon.pngChicago Fig (x3) (142 days)

Default node.pngColossol Chestnut (x1) (2 years)

Default node.pngCorrentana Hybrid Spinach (x1) (1 years)

Default node.pngEuphorbia (x1) (55 days)

Default node.pngGarlic Chives (x10) (246 days)

Strawberry icon.pngGiant Strawberry (x1) (233 days)

Default node.pngGoldenrod (x7) (55 days)

Gooseberry icon.pngGooseberry (x3) (2 years)

Default node.pngHidcote Lavender (x20) (55 days)

Default node.pngHybrid Silverberry (x2) (2 years)

Kiwi icon.pngKen's Red Hardy Kiwi (x6) (1 years)

Lavender icon.pngLavender (x6) (1 years)

Lettuce.pngLettuce (x1) (2 years)

Lettuce.pngLittle Gem Romaine (x100) (278 days)

Default node.pngMagenta Salvia (x7) (55 days)

Strawberry icon.pngOzark Beauty (x2) (220 days)

Goji icon.pngPhoenix Goji (x1) (2 years)

Kale.pngRed Russian Kale (x50) (1 years)

Default node.pngRussian Sage (x5) (55 days)

Default node.pngUnknown Root Clipping (x2) (2 years)

Default node.pngWhite Salvia (x7) (55 days)

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